1,100.00 €

 18Kt rose Gold earrings with three pieces of chain (20mm, 30mm and 40mm) and an oval shape on top with a diamond. They can be used separately due to a detachable system.

The oval is an artistic element prominent in the MdeU logo; seven distinct ovals form the silhouette of the tiara, a sign of the MdeU identity. This collection is based on the oval, which is present in all other collections in different ways.

Diamonds are the most precious stone Nature has to offer. Diamonds have a hardness 10 in the Mohs scale, 140 times harder than its immediate competitors, the sapphire and ruby (hardness 9). The Brilliant cut is the most common diamond cut, a round cut composed of 57 facets that reflect light inside the diamond resulting in its distinct shinning appearance. A well executed brilliant cut highlights the reflection of light and is an important factor when appraising a diamond.

Color Rose
Metal type 18cts Gold
Type of gem Diamond
Categories Earrings

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